Quality Construction

After choosing a design, you must select what materials you will utilize to achieve your vision. When it comes to selecting materials, there are a myriad of options ranging from cheap stucco to costly pre-cast concrete. If you choose stucco, your are confronted with the fact that the material looks cheap, is weak, and will not hold up to the elements, as well as the fact that you are limited in your design capabilities. On the other hand, if you choose pre-cast concrete, you must deal with the overbearing weight of the material, the fact that pre-cast concrete can be tremendously expensive, as well as limited design choices generally constrained to basic pre-existing options. This is where Unique Architectural Solutions comes into the picture; we offer a different option, which is not offered by anyone else in the market. We combine the affordability, ease of installation, and light weight of stucco, while incorporating the durability and look of pre-cast concrete. Furthermore, our hybrid material allows us to completely customize designs to fit your project. Please contact us to find out more about the materials we use, and to check out a sample.